Ram 2500 australia review

Heavy-duty trucks have transformed in the past decade. No longer are these massive haulers merely appliances — most, if not all, modern HD trucks offer lavish leather-appointed cabins, lots of technology, and highly advanced powertrains. And the Ram is certainly no exception. Extensively refreshed forthe Ram gains sharp new visuals and, most notably, FCA's newest in-house tech.

RAM Heavy Duty 2019 Review – International

And although it still technically uses the same platform as the previous generation — albeit heavily revised with additional high-strength steel — the big pickup has a smoother ride and offers even more in the way of safety and towing than ever before. All told, the Ram is a front-runner in a segment teeming with good alternatives. For more on how Motor1. The Ram is visually similar to the smaller in many ways.

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The heavy-duty uses near-identical LED headlights, a massive blacked-out grille, taillights, and a few other features styled from its lesser sibling. And that enhanced styling works. The Ram 's interior isn't any less eye-catching. Again, like the smallerthe gets the available Our tester wears the subtle yet stylish black leather upholstery on the seats, dash, and center console, and there's even a nice embroidered Ram logo atop the center armrest. The Ram 's cabin rivals that of many luxury cars we've driven.


The leather has the same high-quality feel and finish as something more upscale, and both of those buckets offer heating and ventilation. There's a ton of cargo space; the huge center console can hold up to a inch laptop.

ram 2500 australia review

And with Like many trucks in the segments, the rear bench isn't any less roomy. With Plus, the Ram offers the only reclining rear bench in the entire class. Ram touts active noise canceling,and for the most part, this truck is very quiet on-road — quieter than most rivals. But the sound of the turbocharged 6. These pickups can only be so isolated given their size. Few setups are as good as the The setup offers crystal clear graphics, iPhone-like touch responsiveness, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Plus, it's one of the few screens in any car that has split functionality, meaning you can run CarPlay on the top portion of the screen and any of the baked-in functions on the lower half. Additional equipment includes a 7. With the turbocharged 6.

Review: 2020 Ram 2500, where all that HS steel pays off

All that twist allows for a maximum towing figure of 19, in the right spec Big Horn Regular Cab 4x2. Our Laramie Crew Cab tester tugs a bit less by comparison, 14, pounds, but that's still a hugely impressive figure. Instead, we judge the merits of that diesel engine as a daily commuter. And it's great. Prod the gas pedal and there's no lag nor hesitation — the Ram moves off the line with a refined quickness. The six-speed automatic shifts smoothly, too, and the air suspension provides a supremely cushy ride.

But obviously, this is a 6,pound truck so don't expect exceptional handling. The Ram is one of the few heavy-duty trucks with this much active safety equipment. These are great safety features that work well on road and make the massive more livable, especially if your daily commute involves bumper-to-bumper traffic, as ours does.

ram 2500 australia review

Therefore, we do not award any points for fuel economy. This score is not taken into account in the vehicle verdict.But all those ideas have been busted after piloting the Ram Laramie for a month. Quality time with this tough Yank did nothing but satisfy my curious taste buds. It may look big in the flesh and on paper but the Ram Laramie somehow shrinks in the hand Wayne Szalinski knows what I meanwhile the fuel economy proved better than my trusty Holden Rodeo. So why the stigma?

In all fairness, the American pick-ups or utes as we call them here of yesteryear were gas-guzzling tanks that were hard to park because visibility was a nightmare and the handling left a little to be desired.

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However, thanks to technological advances in the car industry, these attributes have gone and once the masses are re-educated, hopefully that stigma will disappear. American pick-ups have always come with large engines and the Ram Laramie is no different. A big engine means big towing capacity. With a braked towing capacity electric brakes are fitted as standard and are digitally adjustable from the cab of 6.

But have you ever tried towing earthmoving machinery from one motocross track to the other using a Mitsubishi Triton? We loaded up two dirtbikes, a quad, a bunch of swags and camping gear into a four-wheel-drive trailer and the Ram towed it all with such ease that I needed a blast of the horn from a fellow motorist to remind me I was dragging over 1. The coil-spring front and rear suspension is a little firm, especially without a load, but a comfortable interior eliminates that problem.

While the indestructible Cummins engine hauls a huge load, the sound deadening is impressive. Even when going up and down gears in the six-speed automatic gearbox with the cruise control on you could hardly hear the engine.

As discussed earlier, the Laramie has electric trailer brakes fitted as standard, which can be adjusted via a clever gauge on the dash. The power of the electric brakes appears on the screen in front of the driver as you tune them in and out. The Laramie also comes with an exhaust brake, that has a full-power mode for the mega load and an auto power mode for smaller ones.

While travelling out to Lithgow from Sydney on the Bells Line of Road we were able to rely on the exhaust brake to slow our machine rather than the traditional system, saving the brake pads from overheating and improving safety.

Relying solely on the exhaust brake can be a little dangerous as a following motorist will not see any brake lights. If it works too well, your trailer might jack knife, so you need to cover the brake pedal and tap the trailer brake if needed to straighten your tail. Best part is that the exhaust brake sounds cool, making the noise you made as a kid playing in the sandbox.

While traversing the small lanes of Surry Hills in Sydney, I had oncoming cars heading for the kerb, while hipsters could have slipped straight underneath thanks to the mm of ground clearance without even a scratch.

It is big. Thanks to the plethora of parking sensors and cameras, the Laramie was surprisingly easy to park and thread through tight spaces. Once you got used to the dimensions, parking the machine was a breeze. The Laramie is sure footed. With a wheelbase of 3. The sidesteps carry on past the cab, so you could use them to load the tray without having to step up on the rear wheels.

You just have to remember the length, like you would when towing a trailer. With a turning circle of about 13 metres, I could just turn the Ram around on a regular dual carriageway, without having to punch out a three-point turn. Based on towing capacity, engine size and road presence, the Laramie is closer to the V8 diesel Toyota LandCruiser series, and the Laramie uses roughly the same amount of fuel as those.Ram has put a lot of work into its new-generation heavy-duty pickup trucks.

We saw the results of that first hand in March ofwhere Ram Truck showcased its new chassis in both commercial and work truck formats. We saw how the Ram heavy-duty line was redesigned from the ground up to make use of lighter, more capable materials in their manufacture. Resulting in towing capabilities once reserved only for large semi-trucks. A truck overbuilt for the job will do the job easier than will a truck only just capable of it.

We saw that reality in the Ram with its massively and well-deserved overconfident feel. We drove the Limited model this time around. The truck comes with two engine options. The base engine is the tried-and-true 6.

This pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive by default. Four-wheel drive is, of course, available. The upgrade engine, which we had in our test model, is an aggressive 6. Payload is maxed at 4, lb 1, kg. The greatest downside to the Ram is its diesel engine, which performs very well, but is also very loud most of the time. To the point that it will need to be shut down at the gate to the lumber yard in order to carry on a conversation with the guard.

The interior is very well-done, and takes all of the best points from the highly-rated Ram for design and comfort. Several technology options are available. The Limited package we drove included the huge But the Ram misses is with the largest touchscreen. That feels like a step backward. Better, though, are the driver information screens and their highly useful information options.

Transmission, differential, and engine heat are all easy to display. So are metrics for the suspension if the auto-leveling system is equipped and load. Cameras for hooking up a bumper tow, fifth-wheel, or gooseneck trailer are all there or available to make life easier. The wireless charging slot for a phone is touchy about placement of said phone, requiring very specific positioning to work.

In our case, with one phone, that was sideways, taking up the whole phone holding rack which should accommodate at least two. With another phone, it was upside down.

Also not ideal. A larger charging surface would likely help. Both towing and hauling are relatively straightforward. Once attached, putting the truck in tow mode shuts down the rear parking sensors and improves throttle and transmission response for better pulling.

When loaded, the truck rides smoothly, with our test load of roofing materials adding up to about 2, lb in all and going largely unnoticed by the truck.

The design of the new-generation Ram means that truly heavy towing, inside of the 15,lb over 6,kg range, is easily realistic. And with confidence, because the rig will have capability to spare. That's something that HD trucks in the category were incapable of just a decade or so ago. Product Page: Ram In the chess game that is best-in-class ratings, the Ram and rise above rival heavy-duty trucks with their unmatched ride quality and luxury options.

The largest Rams boast massive max towing and engine-torque figures—they can pull up to 37, pounds, and their Cummins diesel makes up to lb-ft of torque.

That's because the Rams' plushest interiors are quiet and covered in rich materials. There's also no shortage of high-tech options, with myriad driver assists and a huge Yes, the Ram and are hugely capable and more luxurious than any other HD pickup truck. Forthe heavy-duty Ram pickups have higher maximum torque and tow ratings. The with the Cummins diesel now makes up to lb-ft of torque. It can now tow up to 37, pounds with a gooseneck hitch, too.

Ram 2500 Laramie Australian Review - havelockfamiglia.pw

There's also a newly available digital rearview mirror that displays a video feed from a rear-facing camera. Most Ram HD buyers are willing to pay up for the diesel, but the standard 6. For the best mix of capability, space, luxury, and price, we would stick with the most popular model, which is the 4x4 Crew Cab Laramie. Although more are sold with the Cummins, unless towing huge trailers is a high priority for you, stick with the hp V-8, which is quicker around town and pairs with an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission.

ram 2500 australia review

With the dollars saved, spring for the limited-slip differential and load-leveling air suspension, which further improves the Ram's already impressive ride quality. However, if you plan to go off-road, skip the air suspension and add the Off Road package. It adds Bilstein shocks, a skid plate, and hill-descent control. Three engines are available. Standard power in all models comes from a hp 6. It's paired with an excellent eight-speed automatic. This is the only engine and transmission offered in the Power Wagonwhich is exclusively four-wheel drive.

However, every other model is also offered with a 6. Two versions of the diesel are available. The first is available in both and models and makes horsepower and lb-ft of torque. The hp high-output version, which is only available on themakes an incredible lb-ft of torque. Both engines are backed by a six-speed automatic whereas its diesel competitors all pack more modern speed transmissions.

At pounds, the Cummins engine outweighs the V-8 by pounds, so the diesel models don't handle quite as well around townand they're not quick, but they can haul and tow significantly more weight. Ram has done an incredible job refining the Cummins. Although it's still noisier than the V-8, it's no longer a raucous beast. With the Cummins HO and its lb-ft of torque, a Ram has a towing capacity of 37, pounds and a maximum payload of pounds.

When equipped with that engine, the more popular 4x4 Crew Cab model offers a max payload of pounds and max trailer-weight rating of 19, pounds. Those are strong numbers for the class.I bought the first Ram of it's kind to hit the state and so far so good. We are a Mopar family and this is my 3rd consecutive Ram since born in raised in a GM home and that's who put food on the table. My last truck was a Ram 4x4 5. QC Black Edition, so I have prior experience with the beauty that is the 8 speed.

I'll preface this by stating I had been actively shopping actually building Tradesman similarly opted. I had went to 3 dealers to look, but just couldn't settle for the 6 speed transmission.

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The 6 speed and is a terrible combo in Ram and the s are hard to find. I ended up seeing this exact model at the last dealer I went to. First thing I noticed is that the 1st 3 gears pulled substantially harder than the 6 speed. On the highway this truck sings along at 70 moh and appx rpm.

RAM Laramie 2500 2017 review

I am averaging only miles on it appx 15mpg, with mixed driving. I cannot justify the added expense of the CTD. FCA did right with this setup as the 8 speed can handle almost ftlbs of torque.

I refuse to get caught up in this numbers game the makers are doing. The ride is quiet but firm, but it's a heavy duty. I buy trucks for trucks.

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This setup is the perfect blend of function over form. The work grade vinyl is better feeling than most leathers and if I didn't tell you it was vinyl, you'd assume it was leather.

This truck is carpet deleted, because who wants to clean carpet in a truck? If this gets dirty I can wipe the seats with a wet rag and spray out the floors. Technology wise, I have no use for the 12" screen or climate control. They are neat, but wholly unnecessary, as phones can take care of everything I need and then some. But to each there own. It's the simple things It's a well refined beast.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages.

Sometimes it takes a truck to do the job of a ute. THE modern dual-cab ute is a hell of a thing. Then, to top it all off, they have plenty of room to take your family to the far reaches of the country, and do it with more than six litres of American turbo-diesel grunt under the bonnet … what? Yep, the dual-cab American pick-up might be the perfect Aussie ute.

In more recent years he has penned the name Trucks N Toys TNT with his son Ben, where they piece together American full-size trucks from mild to wild for select clientele.

The beast on these pages is one of two the pair own the keys to, along with a dually Both are designed to not only give them the privilege to roll through golden-clad streets like royalty, but to show off to envious Cruiser owners what life looks like when you grab a ram by the horns.

Keeping the winch company is not one but five LED lights pounding out eye-watering amounts of lumens. The wings of the bar sport a pair of six-inch and four-inch round LED lights, while a inch E-Series Pro bar from Rigid Industries carries out the bulk of the work.

The aggressive front end is rounded out with a combination of Aussie and American components: the UHF aerial whip feeds back into the hidden unit inside, while the in-your-face Ram AmeriHood is a trick fibreglass component. TNT added five inches of freedom down the flanks, with a set of pocket-style Bushwacker flares bolting to the front and rear guards.

The badges, handles, side-steps and mirrors are all colour-coded black, with the latter flipping out into a tow-position for any trailer you can find larger than a Ram. Extra storage space has been bolted on up top, with the addition of a Rhino Pioneer roof rack which holds a second LED light bar for good measure. But, like most builds, the coolest part is still sourced from the aftermarket: the full-length Pace Edwards roller rack covering the monster-sized tub, which electronically opens and closes with the push of a button.

The 5mm-plate steel rear bar ensures anything short of a Mack Truck rear-ending you will barely register a blip, and the quick fold-out steps protect the tub off-road and allow for easy access to the tub.

While most of the exterior modifications have revolved around making it talk the talk, a bunch of underbody work has made it walk the walk. While the front radius arm system might do a stout job of holding the front axle in place, it quickly starts causing issues when lifted.

Rather than opt for offset bushes or replacement arms like our Cruisers and Patrols receive, TNT instead went all out with a full replacement 4-link arrangement from BDS suspension. It picks up the original mounts on the diff end, but replaces the single-radius arm with two separate links going to a new drop-style mount on the chassis. The heavy-duty offering picks up the factory mounts for strength then corrects caster for big lifts and provides less caster change as the suspension cycles on- and off-road.

The end result is a more compliant suspension without the janky handling normally associated with big lifts. The front end is completed with a set of four-inch lifted coils and six individual Fox shock absorbers; two are mounted to the factory tie-rod giving huge steering dampening, while twin shocks on either corner mount to the BDS bracketry and control the weight of the 6.

The rear is levelled out with a set of 2. TNT tuned the kit for improved performance on- and off-road for Aussie conditions and to pass a swerve and brake test to be fully road legal.

That testing also ticked the box for the inch Method Race Wheels and inch mud tyres on each corner, giving massive ground clearance. For that, we have the Italians and minivans to thank. With factory support and custom-made componentry the conversion is near impossible to pick from a factory right-hook offering. There are two things to consider with shock absorber measurements: their overall length and their piston diameter.

Stepping up to the four-inch lift meant Trucks N Toys were only able to spec the smaller 2. The twin shocks also give the added benefit of additional redundancy. By Dan Everett 26 Jun The completely revamped line-up features a raft of improvements over the and HD range it replaces, chiefly in terms of its expansive quota of safety kit and mod-cons. Comfort and refinement are also strong suits, dispelling the notion that large Yank pick-ups are unfailingly crude and bone-jarring. The new Mexican-built haulers should come to Australia in and are likely to continue to be converted to right-hand drive by HSV parent company Walkinshaw Automotive Group and sold by American Special Vehicles owned by the Ateco Groupor perhaps via factory-owned RAM channels for the first time.

This is dirt and sweat blue-collar country, where fortunes were made and lost. The latest RAM HD range has been engineered to take a beating, and the stats alone make for impressive reading. Company execs boast the RAM Heavy Duty range can out-power, out-tow and out-haul every other pick-up on the market, but the biggest advancements on its predecessors are said to be in the areas of comfort, driveability and safety. To this end, the cabin is claimed to be the quietest yet, thanks to active noise cancellation, anti-vibration devices and acoustic glass.

In the past, heavy-duty pick-ups used to carry out whatever utilitarian tasks were required of them, and then be parked on the weekend because they were just too darn crude, noisy and bone-jarring to be used as commuters. If you blindfolded someone, deposited them in one of the seats and drove a few kilometres down the road, they could easily be fooled into thinking they were being carted around in a luxury SUV.

This variant is the rowdy entertainer of the line-up, equipped as it is with custom suspension with a two-inch 5cm lift, electrically disconnecting anti-roll bar, Bilstein shocks and locking front and rear differentials.

You also get a 12,pound kg Warn winch to haul yourself or others out of trouble in case you get mired in the sand. Our brief off-road test threw up a couple of obstacles that tested wheel articulation to the max, but the Power Wagon — with sway bar disconnected and differentials locked — romped across it without raising a sweat.

The last section of the loop was a fast, flowing gravel track where that 6. The rambunctious RAM is laugh-out-loud fun in this sort of terrain, conjuring up images of a chase scene from The Dukes of Hazzard or Smokey and the Bandit, raising a massive rooster tail of dust as it thundered — largely sideways — across the gravel track.

For the more sedate tarmac section of the launch drive, we piloted a single-cab Bighorn for the outward leg, while for the drive back to our Las Vegas base we scored a Limited. The massive rear footprint of the latter — thanks to dual wheels at each rear flank — was something I was initially very conscious of, but after a while you naturally attune to the massive width of the vehicle.

The rides on rear coil springs, while the workhorse has leaf springs to cope with extra-heavy loads. Both ride with an agreeable degree of compliancy, as alluded to earlier. The RAM Heavy Duty carries over much of the sheetmetal from the previous model, although the bonnet is now fabricated from aluminium in the quest for weight savings, while the face — with its one-metre-wide wide grille — has been redesigned to reflect the style of the smaller Ram And, while the 6.

The upgrades inside are extensive, but the centrepiece is the optional The new centre console has 12 possible configurations and features a bank of auxiliary switches for your aftermarket goodies, a wireless phone charger, and up to five USB chargers in both standard and USB-C configurations. Passengers can bask in more comfort than ever thanks to the aforementioned noise cancelling and shock absorbers plus new engine mounts, a quieter exhaust, and new hydraulic rear cab mounts to further isolate the cabin.

A handy new feature is the degree surround-view camera with trailer reverse guidance view, which provides a single display-screen view of both sides of a trailer to take the guesswork out of manoeuvring if you happen to be the type who regularly hauls around a horse float or large boat.

The new RAM Heavy Duty range has already bagged a hatful of awards in the US and, based on our preliminary drive, it capably fulfils the twin roles of hard-core workhorse and refined wagon.

Its lofty pricing and massive girth mean it will target a limited audience when it eventually lands here, but those who do shell out the hefty outlay for one will likely have their expectations met, if not exceeded.

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